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Miss Orange

Mr. Red


Mr. Black

Miss Blue

Miss Tan

Miss Green


Christmas Wish List







Five  pups still available!

Ready to go home in time for

Christmas Eve!


Contact us today for the best gift ever!

Layla and Diego are the proud parents of this awesome litter.

Miss Yellow

Miss Pink

Welcome to 

 Red Hive

Home of exceptional Golden Retrievers; the World's Best Family Dogs!


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A little bit about us

We desire to breed exceptional Golden Retrievers with great genetics, excellent health, and loving personalities.  It is important to us that your new puppy remains a happy healthy part of your family for years to come.  We take care to evaluate our "Mom and Dad" dogs for any traits that could lead to serious issues later in life, and we do all we can to ensure that your new companion will become the "Best Family Dog" in the world.

There is a lot of discussion about the coloration of Golden Retrievers, but more importantly are the health and genetics of this wonderful breed.  Coloration is your preference. In our opinion, the  light colored Goldens are beautiful, and we have chosen to raise the "English Cream" Golden Retrievers exclusively. 

Our Family

We are blessed to live on 11 acres in beautiful west central Ohio.  Our life has been busy raising 9 children; so, with the kids mostly grown, what do you do when it's so quiet?

You raise puppies!

We have had Golden Retrievers in the past, and they are the perfect family dog- loyal, loving , and gentle. Now we fill our time living life with our kids, our grandkids, our friends, our dogs, and... puppies.


Please contact us.

    We've been asked, "Why Red Hive, what does it mean?"  Well, it doesn't have anything to do with pet allergies.  We have an apple orchard and to keep our grandkids from playing around the bee hives we painted them red. The kids know not to play on the red boxes in the orchard.  Now, in honor of our first bee hive we are Red Hive Farm LLC.  (Not a very exciting story- but it's who we are.)  More importantly, these are some reasons we feel you should consider a puppy from  Red Hive.

When you invest in a beautiful dog you need to know that the breeder is more committed to the health and well being of their puppies, and the families they are going to, than making money. We are committed to providing exceptional pets to wonderful people. 


We have a couple fantastic pets that just didn't quite meet our breeding standards.  It was disappointing, but we would rather  be confident that we provide you a healthy pet  than sell you a cute puppy and hope you never have problems.


Red Hive's  3 fold purpose  

1. Provide loving and healthy pets

2. Make a difference in peoples lives

3. Improve the breed

Our Dogs

The Sires and Dams



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