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After having two golden retrievers purchased from backyard breeders, we went to professional breeders for the first time for our third. Red Hive Golden Retrievers lives up to all publicized on their website and Facebook page. We have been most impressed with the degree to which our dear Emma was prepared to come home with us at eight weeks. She was crate trained, house broken on potty pads, ready to learn, socialized with people, and knew her name. Lonny and Kim were great communicators leading up to our adoption and have continued to be available for questions and have stayed in touch with tips and requests for input on their process. Kim and Lonny even helped with the selection of our puppy based on personality and our goal for Emma to be trained as a therapy dog. We could not be happier in our choice to work with Red Hive Golden Retrievers.


Christie & Carol

service dog puppy


What can I say about our special young girl except to quote Mary Poppins and say that she is “Practically Perfect in Every Way...”!    She has a way of loving all people yet understanding loyalty and companionship to her owner.  At 6 months and no formal training she has all the basics (almost) down like sit, stay and heel when on a walk.  Of course, she gets distracted at times, because of her friendliness but still is the smartest dog I have ever seen.  We have not had an indoor accident for months.  At her recent vet visit we were told that she was in “perfect shape” had “perfect color” and was in “perfect health”.


Having served over 35 years in the U.S. Army I can tell you that she is a comfort to me and a loyal and loving companion. If I need her she is right there, any time and any place.

Thank you, Lonny and Kim, for giving us this beautiful dog that obviously has great genetics.  We look forward to having Belle in the family for years.  


As for Red Hive, Lonny and Kim.  They know how to treat dogs and people.  They care about the puppy, the people and the breed long after the hand off.  Keep up the great work and if I can talk my wife into it, I would get another Red Hive English Cream today.

Greg & Carol 



I really don’t have any critiques for Lonny and Kim, the communication has always been great and meeting RedHive's dogs was wonderful. Bernie has been the sweetest and easiest puppy we’ve ever had. He loves everyone he meets and he learned his basic commands pretty early. He’s got some quirks, like opening the doors from the outside to get back in (without shutting them afterwards!!), walking around with socks in his mouth, and very rarely, eating a toy that belongs to a human rather than a pup. He loves the leaves and the sticks and the snow. He also loves to eat. Sometimes he tries to play tricks on us, bringing one of us his cup from his food container and some sad puppy eyes when the other one just fed him. He fits right in with us with his jokes and his frequent naps. I can’t imagine not having him in our lives now. Thank you for breeding such a great little boy! 



best family dog


Our Staley is a wonderful and beautiful pup.  Her nickname is the “Dirty Digger” - not sure if you want advertise that!


Red Hive was super easy to work with and even allowed a family member to bring our girl home with their boy, Bernie so we all didn’t have to make the long drive. At nearly 7 months old, Staley is around 50 lbs, housebroken, can sit and stay, and is super sweet with my almost 9 month old son. She’s perfect. We just love her.


sweet Golden Retriever puppy


“Everything about our experience with Red Hive Golden Retrievers was amazing. When I reached out, they responded very quickly and were able to answer all questions. Lonny and Kim were so helpful and made us feel so comfortable about our decision. When we showed up, their property was beautiful, and their golden’s are all on property. The puppies were all so cute and healthy. They have a designated area for puppies, but they also play with their kids and grandchildren. The process was very organized, and they still reach out to check in. Paisley is so friendly and loving. She loves to play with other dogs and people. She also enjoys the water and swimming. I am so thankful we went with Red Hive Golden Retrievers. I hope to get another puppy to add to our family soon!"






Red Hive was a fantastic experience for our family. Expect to be treated like you are becoming part of their family when you do business with them. They love their dogs and puppies. Tito has brought our family much joy and laughter. We would go to Red Hive for our next Golden.


Oh Rose, even the phrase "Man's best friend" doesn't even cover her relationship with our family. Jimmy and Rose are best buds. You can never see one without the other. During is time of confinement, Jimmy and Rose have bonded more than I ever dreamed of. She brings so much to life. I could not imagine getting through this crisis without her and her attention to Jimmy. She has a sense of everyone's needs. Our family embraces whatever Rose wants to do everyday. She was so easy to train. She has grown up beautifully! We can never thank Red Hive Goldens enough for Liberty Lady Rose and their dedication to serving Military Veterans. They are miracle workers!



Liberty Lady Rose

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