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There are several good dog foods out there but we've found Life's Abundance to provide well balanced nutrition and a taste that our Goldens love. 

As soon as they are ready to wean, our puppies begin their Life's Abundance Nutrition System. At about six weeks, they receive the weight appropriate serving of Large Breed Puppy Food and one Wellness Food Supplement tablet divided between three feedings a day.  At about three months, they transition to All Life Stage Dog Food and a Wellness Food Supplement tablet.  It's really simple. They are healthy, energetic,  and they maintain their ideal weight.  


We are so confident in the Life's Abundance Nutritional System that we extend our heath guarantee from 12 to 25 months if you maintain your Red Hive Golden Retriever  on the system.


Click on either picture to order your new pet's recommended Nutritional System or, click on the Life's Abundance logo to check out all the great products they have for your new Golden Retriever!

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