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Buying your new puppy should be a pleasant experience with no surprises. 


At Red Hive we want this to be as simple as possible- so here's the deal.

PRICE:  $ 2500 (includes tax) 

With Limited AKC Registration 

This means that the puppy is registered with the AKC but can not be used for breeding an AKC registered litter.              

Occasionally we may grant full breeding rights for an additional fee when specified conditions are met.


Shipping arrangements may be made at additional cost.


DEPOSIT:  $500   Partially Refundable* 

A refundable deposit of $ 500 will be required if you want to reserve your puppy.  Date of paid deposit will determine order of selection (PICK).  Deposit becomes non-Refundable if within 14 days of Going Home Date.


Deposits may be made on, or transferred to, future litters.

*If you choose not to take a reserved puppy, $ 300 may be refunded up to 14 days before the scheduled "Going Home" date. 


SELECTION OF PUPPY:  At 6 - 8 weeks in order of deposit date. 

May be done on-line, via Face Time (Skype), or In-Person at Red Hive Farm. Selection of your puppy must be made before scheduled "Go Home" date.

PURCHASE AGREEMENT:  You must review, agree to, and sign our Puppy Purchase Agreement that defines:  

1. Health Guarantee

2. Buyer's Responsibilities to care for the pet.

3. Seller's Responsibilities to the buyer.


Click here to read full  Puppy Purchase Agreement

GOING HOME DATE:  8 weeks after birth

Puppy visits may be made by appointment 6 weeks after birth of litter.

Selections made on date of pick up will be made from remaining non-reserved puppies if any.

1 Hour pick up time slots will be scheduled with the buyer for reserved puppies.  

PAYMENT: Payment in full required before puppy can leave Red Hive Farm.

Accepted forms of payment are: CASH, PAY PAL or CREDIT CARD (plus associated transaction fees), CASHIER'S CHECK, MONEY ORDER, or PERSONAL CHECK (after cleared by bank.)

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