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Keep me Grounded in the Word

There is no doubt that the Word of God is the centerpiece of our faith. It gives us strength and guides our decisions. It shows us our errors and how to fix them. It tells us how to love our enemies and show kindness to the unlovely. Psalm 119 calls God's word a lamp and a light; Heb. 4 tells us that it is living and active, that it can judge thoughts and intensions; James 1 teaches us that if we are not obedient to the word we delude (deceive) ourselves. There are many, many verses that emphasis the importance of the written Word of God and why we need to spend time in it daily and subject every area of our lives to its truths and directions. But why is it so crucial that Brothers keep Brothers grounded in the bible?

For me, it boils down to a trust issue. I need my brothers- you guys. I need you to give me counsel, correction when needed, encouragement; I need you to share what God is teaching you and insights He has given you into the truths of scripture; and you need me to do the same. If I am not grounded in the word of God then it is best not to ask me for any advice, or perspective, or encouragement; and if you do, don't trust that what I say is always beneficial or even true. We need to be confident that we are each seeking God and desiring to submit ourselves under the authority of His word if we are going to be trustworthy as Brothers in Christ.

Our motivation for keeping our brothers grounded in the word is to be trustworthy. I want to know that when I share with my brother, what I share with my brother is truth and aligned with God's will. Just as important is that I know that when my brother shares with me, what my brother shares with me is truth and aligned with God's will. If I am in error with how I am reading or interpreting scripture or if my actions aren’t consistent with my testimony; I need to know that my brother is grounded enough to see (or at least sense something is not right) and correct me or find the correct answer with me. (2 Tim 3:16-17)

It seems kind of selfish, but we need to keep our brothers grounded in the bible to help keep us from stumbling. But, to keep our brothers grounded in the bible we need to be grounded in the bible. As brothers, how can we do this?

Most importantly, sharing and application of God's word needs to happen every time we gather. It needn't be heavy, in-depth academic study or a prepared lesson; even though studies and lessons are important. It needn't be rote bible verse memorization; though hiding away God's word in our heart is a safeguard against sin (Psalm 119:11).

Often the most meaningful times of fellowship around God's Word begins with the question "What has God been teaching you through His Word this week?". If this question is a regular part of our gatherings and we know it's coming, we become inspired to ask God to teach us something, to dig a bit more intentionally into the bible and notice themes or verses that align with our present life experiences. We hold ourselves accountable to answer the question. (Patience is the default answer most of us guys give!) And our brothers need hold us accountable to be specific.

Everyday our minds get filled with stuff. If we are not mediating on God's Word and filling our minds with thankfulness and wonder of God's greatness; If we are not standing on the promises of God that can bring us peace regardless what's going on all around us; If we don't carry with us throughout the day, the word God spoke into our hearts early in the morning; then the world, and our busyness, will fill our minds with all the filth and junk and fear and trouble and stuff it can throw our way. We will be defeated and of little good to our brothers who may need us. So, Brothers stay grounded- not just 10 or 15 minutes in the morning or evening, but constantly by the power of God's Spirit. (Isaiah 59:21)

Guys I challenge you to have a meaningful conversation with a brother in Christ and tell them what God's been teaching you through His Word this week. Then ask them the question.


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